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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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talking about all of the water causing dangerous conditions and forcing people out of homes. days. >> also looking at how this recent heavy rain is effecting road conditioniour area and live team coverage but first let's check in with meteorologist jason nappy. >> the sky is clear now. round two comes through tomorrow. over ainch of rainfall in the forecast. flood watch is up through thursday morning,creek and river floodingot with land slides mudslides and rock slides as the moisture to the south is not impressive now but it will start back into the up state and overnight. so here's your spartanburg zone planner. 68 degreesuy and clear now. 7:00 a.m. rain back ithe picture for the rush hour commute and by 4: 00 it's 65 degrees chance of
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years eve forecastcoming up in a few minutes. jason thank you. the owner of a farm in flooding. farm. the owner sent us these and he says the river over flowed it's banks this morning. workers moved 20 head of cattle and were moving equipment to make sure it stays dry. a section of highway 14 north of i-26 was shut dobecause of the flooding. the flood waters tore through a mobile home park this morning. >> in that case the water damaged homes and vehicles and washed out the road. mike manzoni was theas people began to get cleaned up. >> this small creek caused big damage in a few words. the water rushed through this mobile home neighborhood just after midnight.
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opines population, t pavement and took a wooded shed and threw it against this home. >> water got so high it spilled out over this property r y see all of the mobile home and because this is in a low lying area that water had nowhere to go. >> witnesses tell us crews needed a boat to rescue a man who lives in this house. the water reached the top of these steps and got so high it forced everyone ipark out of their homes. >> they say that up through here they are pbt goi to make it. >> the water didn't get inside john collins home but it ruined his foundation and one of his vehicles. he says se lot of floods but nothing quite like this one. >> i've lived in here probably 25 years. this is probably the worst that i've ever seen it in here. >> and you can bet he hopes he never sees anything like it again.
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>> stuff is ruined all of that water. wits tell us the red crs dhelp some of those folks find a place to stay. we haven't hr rep injuries at that mobile home park. you hearho of the water here. this is in north carolina, the flood water forced about a half dozen families here to evacuate their home on fred smith road. the crews used inflatable rafts to get into homes to save pets and whatever stuff can get out. at least ersbg a lot of people leani s the clothes on thea e red cross is helping these fis well. heavy rains havn l down and the police departm ooec because of the flooding. this is a town that authorities say you need to dial 911 if you need anything ande will be radioed. digging big craters causing
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crftdepartment of transportation. >amuch news reporter dave jordan has t tof the story live in greel this is not uncommon according to the dot. they are used to seseing potholes aftera heavy rain but here's the problem. more rain is expected washing away the patching material that they are using to fix the pot holes and the sun is out today but it's not going to be out during most of the repairs. this is where the problem is. it's not working ouand the pot holes are all over the up state. you didn't heto go far. this pothole is at i-385. see. workers were trying to get this fixed and could not fix it for the reasons i just explained. one of the dot maintenance engineers i spoke with drove over the same pothole on his way to work this morning. they are marshan of the resources andr to try to get things fixed all over the upstate.
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>> when you have a weekend like this where it steams like the roads fall apart it's all hands on deck until we've got everything b order. >> and as you heard jason nappy say earlier more ishould be moving in and this is ham perking efforts to get these potholes fixed. it's noo be easy for the crews. they haveh work cut out for them. >> it's path yetic the dot workers are out here working around the clock tabout all of the drivers hitting pot holenthe middle of the road. you are destroying yoyor car, maybe stranded othe side of the road. what do you do when you see the craters and you damage your car? >> i can speak from personal experience this hae to me earlier this year. first and foremos dot wants you to report any pothole that you see. they want you to call in and report them.
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car you heto get from the dot. you can download it on their website or go into the office and reretrie tand you submit that form and you should get reimbursed. e three to four months to pocess so it could go either way but thare the steps they are wanting people to take if they see a pothole or hit a pothole. you'll hear from him at 6. we posted all of this information on our website go to links mentioned and that will tell you what to do if you are in this unfortunate situation. >> very helpful. thank you dave. iwas some of the damage in anderson county toy tsbig oak fell across the road at murray avenue and blair street. damage. viewer mateornus this photo. and it's easier than ever to get us your pictures. use our new and improved 7 news app just updated it for android and apple. use the report it feature to send news tips and track the
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the national weather service has issued a river flood advisory in columbia. this is the congery river. last night it was 15 feet which is 4 feet away from 19 feet which is flood stage. the national weather service thinks it will be between 10 and 15 feet through the end of this week. >> this was the scene a couple of months ago when crews try to slow down the national guard using helicopters to drop sand bags into the water. the midwest gethit hard with record breaking flooding as well. water nearly covering--look at this. >> wow. >> yeah there's mcdonalds. a quick trip in st. charles county. a lot of hosodup to their roof tops. it's caused more tha dozen deaths in the state of missouri.
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authorities call for a manditory evacuati the small town of west alton, missouri where a river spilled over a levy, there it is. >> what a head ache for people traveling. winwhcausing problems for travelers in the northeast specifically today. it's the first significant winter storm that has issues. even places not impdby this winter weather like flights between tampa and los angeles saw delays. breaking news on live at 5 investigators are headed to a now let's put it tl e map here. this is buttercup way in taylors. we do know a lot about this but we are just geidetails into the news room awe are sending a breaking news crew there n.
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in taylors off buttercup way. as soson as our crewtthere to gather the details on the scene we will pass them along here and at back to travel delays but a different kind. ipar county crews were able to clean up this over turned big rig on the on ramp connecting intersta8 ntuto i-26 westbound. the tanker was carrying water. troope say no one was hurt. >> it's lucky it's just water isn't it? less than 4 hours from kick off of clemson and oklahoma at the orange bowl. not that anybody is counting but i mean we are. today is media day for the teams as they get set to play in this huge important game. >> todd summers joins us with more on that. todd? >> the orange bowl is a big deal. it's not the super bowl but li the super bobol it has 's own media day and today we
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from the football and have some fun with clemson linebacker ben bowlware. >> ben you like to talk. you are one of the guys who is the voice of the team. how do you think you would do at my job? >> i think you do a pretty good job but i think i would be a pretty good reporter. >> let's go. >> how are you buddy? >> i got one question for you. >> okay. >> if i didn't shave my beard, we would both have beards who would have the better one? >> obviously mine has more coloration. it's little more curly than his was. >> i love you. [laughter] >> ugive me a kiss on the cheek right now. okay. if i aske you to do one impression of any coach on the team what would youdo and do it right now please. >> i'd say ben wwat are you doing?
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i'm trying to coach a teaa and that mustache is awful. what are you doing. > thank you. i love you. >> i love you more. >> not the hardest line of questioning we've evseen and i can be perfectly honest with youas a reporter i've never asked an offensive lineman for a kiss. but you never--now a hug from fellow photographer jason parke that's okay. we accept those. he works hard. we appreciate ibut no kisses. we are live in miami gardens florida. todd summback to you. >> you got to set rules right todd. >> know your boundaries. thank you. tthat coach impression is a pretty good todd summers impression right? don't forgeeelive i florida all week. dsgot jokes giving you an inside look as they prepare to take on oklahoma. be sure to cahrspecial wednesday nigl from south florida.
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to the championship. an orange bowl special preview wednesday night 7:3right here on 7 news. >>i inside look. still ahead o nsr out andndtaking you to jail if you are caught driving drunk. next w h patrol says what they are doing is working to keep ysafe. a country music mifor more than two days after a hunting incident that left one person dead. the latest on the search to find him coming up.
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at 85 and 385 just a few days left unti new years eve... and the highway patrol is reminding you they'll be out... cracking so just a few days left until new years eve, the everybody they wlbe out cracking down on drunk drivers. >> it is all part of the sober or slammer campaign. it's bnsuccess so far for a big reason. addie hampton has more.
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making bad choices, personal responsibility. >> fbthe end of 2015 is a story of numbers, 2the number of fatal accidents so far this year, 16 the percentage increase in fatal accidees over last year. 45 the percentage oalcohol related crashes in south carolina. >> when you are arresting 20,000 people a year for drunk driving there's a problem. >> it's an epidemic made worse by the holiday season as festivityies at the time drinkers to get behind the wheel but this year they are seeing more than ever. >> you can't ignore the gas prices being lower and the weather being nicer. >> they are arrested more drunk drivers this year than part of their sober slammer campaign. last year they put 20,000. >> we graduated a class of 40
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ago bringing our number to 772 so we are going to be getting them off the roadway. >> but despite the increased troopers this holid so they say they can't do this alone. they need your help. if you need somebody that's drunk behind the whedriving on the highways they ask you to call them and help them put that person behind bars. >> we are asking people to dial star hp if you see a suspects drunk driver. don'tst doing so can save a life. >> everybody has the expectation of leav party and making it hombut if you make a bad choice you might not make it home. >> in greenville addie hampton 7 news. >> they encourage youto start planning today if ydo intend to go out drinking this new years eve but use cash and know who is driving you home. a former pastor's wife robbe and killed someone else
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larry taylor faces more charges accused of killing amanda blackburn in november. a marion county prosecutor charged him l her in just a week earlier. davy was a minister at new spring church. happening nowthe search continues for a country music singer missing after a duck hunting accident. craig strickland hasn't been seen since sunday and troopers recover the body of his hunting partner from a lake in oklahoma. he's the lead singer of back road anthem. the k storms are blamed for at least three deaths in oklahoma and more than 100 injuries. here'slive look outside in asheville. tsky beginning to see a few clouds move in but for the most part a nice day to dry things out and recover from the flooding last night. flood watches that ar and
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we get into your day tomorrow. so flood watch in effect, yes, for tomorrow. heavy rnin the forecast on wednesday. and then cooler and dry by new years. we see temperatures getting down to the 50s for highs and say goodbye to the 70s that we've had for days as we get into new years. your forecast for the five zone tomorrow stormy onceagain so don't be fooled by how nice it is outside right now. it's clear and very warm. that changes in abig way showers,heo, e up to the 60s with lows in the 50s and a small chance for severe weather again tomorrow in a few of those thunderstorms and even a small chance as we learned yesterday could stilhappen and turn into actually a warning. right now it is clear in 24/7 live doppler all five zones are clear but the rain return freeze the south.
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front interacting and off the gulf of mexico and the atlantic plenty of moisture wl mgour way again tomorrow. this time torres iwill be raining so let's de hour forecast. at 7 this evening a few clouds coming up from the south. no rain makers tonight. driving home, going out it looks fine. but start to see those clouds lower and thicken bythe time we get into wednesday and wednesday in the rush hour commute in the morning i believe mostly ry but notice what happens off to the south starting to see those radar come in. here's the five zone rain forecast where you live tomorrow by 11 at night seeing another half to one inch of rain and these totals are not that much but you add that to the already saturated ground and there will be flooding upstate. winnspeed right now is breezy. a south westerly breeze around 10 mi per hour and the wind forecast tomorrow we see it
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again and that's where the moisture is going tocome from and interact with that stalled frontal boundary. sy en rain forecast and t forecast into the day tomorrow seeing 60s across the board well above average. 20 to 30 0 degrees above average in the next three days. tomorrow is very stormy. thursday we dry out with a couple of showers in the morning. 66. frida5i believe closo nice and dry for new years. cooler though. f the weekend 50s on the map and then monday andtuesday dry with 50s for everyone for the mountains 50s and 40s so back to average you u an finally break out that winter coat with lows into the 20s and 30s. >> thank you jason. still ahead on live at 5 now is the time you are putting together your new years resolutions butonight we have a new strategy for keeping them.
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also tonight it's that time of year again... time to make a w year's resolution... now it is that time of year again that we try and make the new years resolution. making them is the easy part. researchers found a better way to stick to the resolution which is the hard part. instead of making a statement try asking a question. don't just say i'm going to exercise in the new year. instead ask yourself or someone else will you exercise this year. it's call the question behavior effect in which asking questions about something actually does influence future decisions. 'been shown n to influence behavior more than six months after questioning so w doesn't want to live a long and healthy life. dr. david offers this advice in his book the lucky years he writes avoid processed food.
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cuddle more. human touch can change your heart rate. cut back on vitamins. sometimes it's best to let your body do it's job naturally. avoid friends who upset you. a positive outlook isa key to alarm clock. tmany people suffer from lack of sleep. >> maybe go to bed earlier. >> take a walk eveday because that helps with muscle proportion. >> target is buying unwanted gift cards and we are not talking about targegift cards. the company is partnering with card pool and trading company nextworth. a $10wag dwould be exchanged for an $85 target
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other cards. targe will exchange for 600 brands including old navy, cheesecake factory and pottery barn. you can do it all in one place but i did call the greenville target store and they are not participating so do call ahead before you go to trade in yours. a south carolina senator who helped write the heritage act is helping to change it. asking up who he says should be-
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